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April 2006

Mass. Historical Society

October 2005 October 14-15 Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation
September 2005 September 26 St. Botolph Club
September 28 Union Club
June 2005 June 2 Mrs. Dalloway’s Book Party, Berkeley CA
June 3 Little Town Club, Santa Barbara, CA
June 5 Santa Barbara Book Party
June 9 Santa Monica Book Party
June 12 Concord Book Store
May 2005 May 7 Cambridge Book Party
May 11 New York Book Party
May 12 Tavern Club
May 19 Jimmy Tingle’s Off Broadway Theater Author Series
May 22 Greenwich Book Party
May 30 NPR’s On Point
April 2005 April 13 Publication
April 14 New York Publication Party
April 17 Princeton Book Party
April 22 Harvard Book Store
April 28 Brookline Book Party
March 2005 March 22 Boston Athenaeum





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