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In writing this book, a tremendous amount of material was left on the cutting room floor, some of it quite interesting. This seems the appropriate place to deposit this information as it will serve to help link Lowell to the world in which he lived and all the other fabulous internet sites that interrelate.

Broadly speaking, this information falls into one of three categories. Mostly intimately, there is the genealogical information related to the Lowell families as well as the families into which the Lowells married. This information will serve as a genealogical basis for the larger task of establishing the social networks that interweave nineteenth century Boston (as these were based on blood relationship by and large). And finally there is considerable information pertaining to the Second Massachusetts Cavalry and its service in the Civil War.

All these subjects are rife with detail invaluable to aficionados but cumbersome to the generalists. For this reason much intricacy was eliminated in the book but may here be indulged to the full. It is also my hope that these pages will join others to create a richer picture of the world that surrounded Charles Russell Lowell and the other people mentioned in his biography and to form links with other websites devoted to either Boston social and intellectual history in the nineteenth century, and/or Civil War history.





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